Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week 51

What the what?! It is pday already. So crazy. I feel like it was yesterday that I was writing this email. This week flew by and a lot happened.

Here are some highlights:

At the palace...models
We went to Würzburg for pday last week. The elders there planned a big tour of the city for us. We went and saw a big palace. It reminded me a lot of the Sound of Music. Don't know why. 

We are a special much rain.....
Then it started to pour. So we all got a little soaked but then we went and looked inside an old Catholic church. It was really pretty. 

Inside the church!
Then we hiked up like 500 stairs to get to a castle. Sister Diethelm and I barely made it to the top haha! But once we got there it was worth it. So beautiful. Würzburg is really pretty. 

The view of Würzburg in the background.
Walking around
Thursday we left at 6:45 am to make the journey to Offenbach for a big mission conference. That meant another road trip with the Lindgrens. YES! But I was really boring and slept the whole way. oops! The conference was with a general authority, Elder Kearon, from the seventy. Our conference was with 5 zones from the mission. Just a lot of missionaries. But it was fun to see some old mission friends. At the beginning of the meeting we all had the opportunity to go through and shake his hand and meet his wife and shake presidents hand. When I got to president he was like....Elder Kearon would like an interview with you at the end of the conference.
Um....say what?! haha

Got to see Sister Hamner at the conference.
The conference was so good! Probably one of the best I have ever been to. Elder Kearon is an amazing speaker and his wife is also so great. They talked a lot about choosing to be happy. After the conference I had my interview with Elder Kearon. Apparently only 6 missionaries had an interview so I was able to talk with him for about 20 minutes. He is so NICE! Oh my goodness. I don't know why I was chosen to be interviewed but it was seriosuly so good for my soul. I will never forget that interview. 

On the bus ride back from Offenbach. I almost puked because I was so car sick. So I had to sit in the very front with Elder Robinson.
Saturday we had two street displays. In the morning we went to Ansbach to help the elders there with a street display. The street display was on an American base. And let me tell you.....walking on the base was like walking into America. I seriously love America!!!! haha! It was so werid talking to all these americans. I forgot just how different germans are from americans. But towards the end of our time there the Bishop was like "lets go shopping!!" He took us to the commissary to we could buy a bunch of american food. Oh my goodness......I was freaking out. It was so much fun. He was just laughing at me the whole time. You bet your bottom's dollar.....I bought me some American cereal. It was really nice of him to do that! 

Outside the Commissary with Bishop Black. It was like christmas!!!
Then we went back to Fürth for our street display. There was literally no one around......kind of a slow day. plus it was freezing. Sister Wahlquist and I took shifts standing in the entry way of H&M because we were so cold. There was also a lot of like police action. Some girls got arrested like right in front of our display. So special...

The sisters in front of the palace!
Overall it has been a really good week. I seriously loved everything I learned at the conference last week. I have learned so much on my mission what it means to really choose to be happy. I know that we have so much control over how we feel. We just have to make the choice! I can truly say that when I have made a conscious decision to be happy and to see the good around me that I have felt so much better. My attitude changes almost immediately! 

All of us at the castle in Würzburg!
I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Madsen

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