Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 29

This week has been crazy!! But I totally love crazy so it was awesome!

Got my birthday package!! Thank you!!!
Everyone was totally jealous!! haha!
This past week we had zone conference. Elder Dyches from the seventy was touring our mission so he was the main speaker at zone conference. I learned a lot about becoming a more effecient teacher. And he did the most classic thing ever and took and elder's planner and looked through it! Totally "the district" status. I was so afraid for the elder epecially since he was totally ripping it apart (metophorically speaking).

They sang happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday
the last couple months at zone conference!
Sister Miller and Sister Fuller had MLC on friday and so Sister Diethelm and I were on a split from wednesday after zone conference to saturday morning. I love going on splits with Sister Diethelm. She is hilarious!! And now she's teaching me swiss german. It's like a totally different language! 

Sister Diethelm and I on our split!
We had some pretty awesome adventures in Coburg. I almost puked on a bus.....we bought some eis......we stalked people on Mormon.org......had an awesome lesson with a newly baptized member....helped with the blood drive at the church.....and played volleyball with some persian men. Volleyball was hilarious! This 80 year old man named Hans is in charge of it and he is so legit at volleyball. He kept coaching me and then afterwards told me how surpirsed, pleasantly surprised, he was at how good I was at volleyball. Thank you Hans!!

Finally a picture of all the Feucht Missionaries together!
Sister Miller, Elder Seamons, and Elder Wichtermann!
MTC friends!!! Sister Fowlke and Elder Ashton!
We split back on Saturday and Sister Miller and I went to a yong woman from our ward. Her and her friends have an english oral exam next week and needed to practice chatting in english. I was so down. I love chatting with 16 year old girls in english! It was actually fun! and "Zac Efron" may or may not have been mentioned like 20 times! haha! We shared the new mormon message about bullying! Have you seend it? You should watch it!!
The guy looks like zac efron.......

We did the makeup and hair of a less active in Coburg for her engagement photos. So fun!
This week I have learned about how willing God is to help us get through the hard times. He truly wants us to be happy! When we learn to rely on Him and notice His hand in our lives, we become so grateful and aware of the many blessings in our lives. I was sitting in church yesterday having kind of a hard time. And a member gave a talk and said something that really stuck out to me. He said "trust in the Lord, good things are coming." I'll be honest the past few months have not been the easiest. But I have really tried to put my trust in the Lord. Each morning I ask for His help and for strength to make it. He has never let me down!

I am so grateful to be able to serve a mission! Thank you for all the love and support! I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week!

Love you!
Sister Madsen

P.S. Below is my bathroom series of dirndl photos!