Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 38

Happy last week of May! I cannot believe May is almot over! Oh my goodness and my halfway mark is next week!
I can do this all over again....right?.....

We played volleyball in the church parking lot last pday.....
...we are getting pretty creative for our pdays haha
This week was pretty crazy! We started off by spending the day tuesday in Frankfurt. Sister Diethelm and I were invited to attend the Golden/Trainer meeting. I think Sister Diethelm will be training next transfer! But it was good to be able to hear from our mission president and to learn so much.

Mom, I finally met Elder Nilson!
Also....guess who else was there?!!........SISTER KEARL! I literally ran up to her when she got there. It was so good to see her. We haven't seen each other since I left Dortmund in January. I also got to see Elder Weidmann again! yay! 

I got to see Sister Kearl again! Woohoo!!!!
Elder Weidmann and Sister Kearl! Dortmund reunion!
I also got to go on a split with Sister Hansen. We helped a member in our ward plant pumpkins in his field. He owns a pumpkin patch and makes so much money off of it every year. He just has the missionaries work for him! haha! But it was way fun! Maybe I was a little sore the day after.....oops.

Planting Pumpkins in the middle of nowhere!
All done!
And it has been soooooo hot here. On thursday it was 32 degrees celsius! Oh my goodness! That's like 94 in farenheit...I think. I about died. Plus it is so humid here! I may or may not survive the summer. It's probably a good thing that I'm not serving in Mexico or somewhere else hot. ( I can't think of anywhere else right now that is especially hot haha).
I' (reference for Mackenzie)

Split pic with Sister was pretty hot....death.
It is way too hot....solution: ice cream!
Saturday we helped with another street display in Regensburg. Lara came with us this time! She is so awesome and will be an amazing missionary someday if she chooses to serve a mission. We love spending time with her! She is such an amazing example to us!

Lara is so cool!!!
Street display with Lara!
We also had interviews with President this past week. It was way sad because it was the last time that I will have an interview with him. But it was really good. He is such an inspired man! He finishes his time as a mission president next month and then he comes back to Feucht!

Regensburg has famous wurst....
Sunday we taught the youth sunday school class. We taught about scripture study. We did an activity where we all wrote down a question we had and then we knelt down in prayer and then randomly opened to a scripture and then went around reading it aloud. I felt the spirit so strong as we did that. I had such a strong impression that the scriptures are from God. I feel so blessed to be able to have time put aside every day to study the scriptures. I know that they are truly the word of God!

Um....I still have that nasty rash on my arm....I think it will be a scar...
...something to always remember my mission.....
I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Madsen