Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 50

I think the theme of this week is "being blessed even when you maybe don't deserve it." haha! Sister Wahlquist and I had a really good week and to be honest we did nothing really too special to deserve it. 

The elders with their mini missionary Kurt. They all bought matching comp ties. Kurt went home this last week. We all miss him!
The week before we met two people. We met one guy at our street display. We got his number and invited him to come to institute next week. We also met a girl on a train. I just started talking to her because I really liked her sandals. We got talking and she was super friendly. We invited her to com to institute and made an appt. to meet up and walk there together. The next week rolled around and we had institute. We had no idea if both would show up or one or none. And guess what?! BOTH showed up. Christmas miracle! They both stayed for lessons too. It was really good. 

Tschüss Kurt!
Then also this week we had a referral from headquarters. I have literally only had one referral from headquarters my whole mission haha! So that was way awesome! We were able to go visit her but according to her neighbor she is on vacation. Then the Feucht elders had another referral for us! some random man came up to them at hauptbahnhof and told them they needed to visit his daughter (who actually lives in our area). 

My camera has a setting that makes really creepy smiles. Here is an funny!
With all these things happening it just made me really think about what success means on a mission. There are some weeks when I really put my all into everything and nothing comes of it. Or I have weeks like this where it felt like I was just in the right place at the right time. For me success doesn't mean having the most lessons or finding a lot of investigators. My success depends on if I am being obedient and trying my best. Because that is literally all I have control over. When I know that I am doing all I am supposed to be doing I know that I don't have to worry if an appt falls out or if we lose an investigator because I am "right with God." (I don't' know if that is really something people say but you get what I mean) 

Sister Wahlquist's first Döner. Momentous occasion!
This week I also went on a split in Jena! Jena is in the east. I seriously LOVE it there. It is so beautiful there. And there are so many college students. I felt like I was on a college campus all day. I got to be on a split with Sister Robison. She is way awesome and goes home at the end of this transfer! We went to institute there which is so much fun. I would not mind serving in Jena some day.....haha Plus they have a dryer in there apartment.
Oh man....benefits! 

On my split with Sister Robison in Jena! was a pretty fast week. Can't believe it is p-day again. I am doing well.....hangin' in there. I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

The view from the Jena apartment window!! So pretty!
Sister Madsen

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