Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 65

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I definitely missed the turkey dinner and the post dinner food coma. But that's ok. Our thanksgiving day was special.....All of our appointments fell out. It took everything I had within me to just get outside and do something even though we literally had nothing to do. We went to visit an investigator but she wasn't home.
We had a Christmas themed zone training.
The zone leaders and I had matching sweaters...precious...
So I told Sister Bray that we were going to do some street contacting down this one street. I told her we ould talk to everyone who passed us and we would take turns. We talked to EVERYONE for like 4 blocks. People were pretty rude. I was having such negative thoughts. I just wanted to be home having thanksgiving dinner with my family, not walking in the cold talking to mean people. But then we saw a bank. We found someones credit card on the street earlier so we walked that way to return it. The very last person we contacted before we went in the bank took a Book of Mormon and we got her number. She also really wants to meet with us again. Sweet!
Our lovely district!
Then we were hungry so we went to this pizza place and ordered some fries. While we were waiting...we got talking to the worker there and we ended up giving him and his friend a Book of Mormon and we got his contact info. Plus they gave us our fries for free! Awesome!
This little experience was just a reminder to me that God is aware of our work. He knows when we are working diligently and He will bless us for it. I really felt like God was watching out for us and we were definitely not alone on the streets that day.
After Transfer calls! Woohoo!
We had transfer calls on saturday. Are you ready for the crazy news of the transfer. Well actually this transfer call was so boring. Like, literally nothing changed! They didn't call a new sister training leader for the Dortmund zone. We were all confused and then president called me right after transfer calls. He told me that I would be the STL for both Düsseldorf and the Dortmund zone. ha....ha.....Oh boy I thought things couldnt get any crazier after last transfer calls. I am actually really excited to be able to get to know even more sisters! It will definitely be an adventure!
I got to go on a split this week with Sister Hall! She is training in her third transfer! so legit!!!
Well I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Madsen

Week 64

This week has been really good.
We have been keeping busy here in the Dirty D.
Christmas market in Duisburg!!!
We found 4 new investigators this week.....of course they were all for other missionaries. But that's ok!
Guess who's back in the Dirty D??? Simon Hallman!!!! We served together in Dortmund!
 I had MLC again this week in Frankfurt.
On the way to Frankfurt for MLC with the Zone Leaders
I traveled with the Sister Training Leader from the Dortmund zone, Sister Jefferies. She is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. We left early friday morning and made the journey to Frankfurt. Then we got home late that night. It was a long day and we were pretty pooped by the end.
Travel buddies! Elder Bruneel, Elder Nelson, and Sister Jefferies
While I was at MLC, Sister Bray led her first split in Duisburg. She was with another golden and they did such a good job. I didnt even worry about them the whole day because Sister Bray is such a boss!
Sister Bray and I at the Duisburg Weihnachts market
We have such great members here. One of the YSA is preparing for her mission and she came with us one afternoon to teach an investigator. Another day we went with our Relief Society president to visit a member in our ward. Our Relief Society president is an amazing woman. I learned a lot from her in just those short few hours that we were together.
After our Haribo purchases on Pday!
We also went to the Haribo factory for pday. So much fun!!! We walked in and the smell of sugar just like hit us. SO MUCH HARIBO!!! I loved it! I bough like a kilo of candy. SAWEET!
In the Haribo factory! aka Heaven
I am doing pretty good! I love it here in duisburg. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve at this time. There are people in Germany prepared to hear this gospel!
Some cute girls we are teaching. They put our name tags on
I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!

Sister Madsen