Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 48

Oh this week has been CARAZY!!!!

Last district meeting as this district!
I said goodbye to Sister Hansen which was really sad. Watching her pack to go home was pretty weird! She spent 88 euro on chocolate and haribo for her family. She had basically one piece of luggage full of sweets for her family. So awesome!

Last District Meeting. This is our District Leader, Elder Boam. Eagle pose....
Elder Blackhurst was transferred! I gave him a fan as a goodbye gift.....
On wednesday Elder Boam, Elder Nelson, Sister Hansen and I took a bus to Frankfurt. Which actually ended up being an adventure.We went to the bus stop in Nuernburg. We showed our tickets to the bus driver (his name is Rudy). He let us on and then as soon as we realized that there was literally no more seats on the bus he drove off. Oh boy....we had gotten on the wrong bus. Rudy! come on! So we sat on the floor by the toilet for the 4 hour bus journey haha! It stunk so bad. And we had been driving for 40 minutes when rudy pulled over and said we would have a 30 minute break at mcdonalds. Special times.That was a really special journey! 

Sitting by the toilet for the whole bus ride to Frankfurt.....we blame Rudy....
When we got to Frankfurt we had a train the trainers meeting and then we had dinner. Then they loaded us onto some buses and told us we would have to sneak into a room with a sleeping golden and stay in the room for the night. Kind of awkward to wake up and be like "Hi I'm sister Madsen who are you?" haha!

Mom look who I met?!!! New golden in the Frankfurt mission!
We had breakfast at the hotel and then we had a pairing meeting. Which was seriously the scariest thing! I was just sitting there looking at all the sisters that I could possibly be paired with. Oh nervous. Then I was paired with Sister Wahlquist.

My new golden...Sister Wahlquist!
Sister Wahlquist is awesome! She is from Idaho but went to school at the University of Maryland. She is a convert of 2 years. Her parents aren't members and her mom is a German. She speaks pretty good german already. At transfers at Frankfurt Bahnhof I got to see Sister Kearl and say goodbye to Sister Miller before she goes home! We got a cool pic with Sister Miller and Sister Kearl and Me and my golden. It was like a 4 generation pic. So awesome! We finally made our way back to Nuernberg.

Legit pic....Sister Miller trained Sister Kearl, Sister Kearl trained me, and I'm training Sister Wahlquist!
We had a pretty busy first few days together! We had a random woman show up to church on Sunday who wants to learn more about the gospel! COOL! We came in contact with an investigator we haven't seen for over 2 months. All good things!

Dortmund reunion pic!
Training is pretty hard. I don't think I have been this exhausted in a while. But let me tell you...I feel like since I have started training that something has happened to me. I feel like I can all of sudden understand german so much better and even speak it a little better. I am able to communicate with people better than I have ever before on my mission. My teaching has also improved. I have become more bold. I really feel like God has my back and that I have been blessed with a little more strength to be able to accomplish training this new missionary. It's hard to explain.....

Anyways.....All is well here in Germany!!! I'm still alive! Today is my 11 month mark!!! Holy Cow!! My brother got his mission call to Samoa!!!! What the?! So perfect for him!!

I love the Lord and this work!!!
Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love you!
Sister Madsen

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