Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 47

Are you all ready for the transfer results?????? 

Sister Hansen is obviously going home......... and I'm training!!!!! Oh my goodness. I'm maybe just a little nervous! Actually really nervous. They have 5 sisters coming into the mission and one will be my "golden" (greenie).

We had a transfer call breakfast together!
Other transfer news:
Elder Ward and Elder Allen are staying together
There's a trio in Coburg.....
My district leader, Elder Boam, is also training
(two goldens in our district woohoo!)
They CLOSED Dortmund golden area....what the?! 
14 sisters are going home this week including my old comp Sister Miller (and Sister Hansen)

One of our "Goodbye Sister Hansen Tour" appointments
This week has been designated the "Goodbye Sister Hansen Tour." Everyone wants to say goodbye to her so we have been going around saying goodbye to as many people as we can.

Outside the Coburg apartment on my split! So pretty!
I also went on a split with Sister Beck in Coburg this week. I seriously love Sister Beck! She is such a good missionary! The friday before transfer calls, president always calls those missionaries who are being called as trainers or any leadership position. We call it Danger Day! We made it through all of study and then went to an appt with no phone call. And then we were running to catch our bahn after out appt and guess who calls. Yep...president. Sister Beck answered and handed it to me. President told me that I was called as a trainer. I was like "yay I'm excited! Sorry I'm running right now so I can't really breath" haha He was like "I'll let you get back to running." haha! And that was that!

The Nürnberg missionaries! Elder Allen and Elder Ward are staying together one more! We are a special group!
We had a street display this last week. They are always so interesting. This crazy man came up to Sister Hansen and was literally talking to her for like 45 minutes about who knows what. Totally crazy. I finally told him that he needed to leave and if he wanted to talk about gospel topics he could call us and make an appointment for later. He literally didn't listen to me and kept talking. Oh boy.....

Transporting the big Das Buch Mormon with the U bahns...special times
Elder Lindgren couldn't help us take the street display stuff down because his daughter was visiting so we had to carry everything back to the church with the U-Bahn.....oh special times.

This is what we saw when we arrived to help the elders pack up the street display
Plus we walked literally 10 feet and Elder Allen dropped all the tent poles.

When Elder Allen dropped the tent poles the first time
We laughed for like 5 minutes and then cleaned them up....walked another 10 feet and he dropped them again. hahaha! Oh so funny!

After Elder Allen dropped the tent poles a second time....HAHA!
Elder Ward was also useless because he just had surgery on his toenails...bless his heart. But he did use the chairs as crutches haha! It was a struggle. We decided we will never do a street display without Elder Lindgren again!!!

Elder Ward and his crutches...haha!
I was still feeling really nervous yesterday at church about training and so I was talking to a member about it and she told me something that really comforted me. She said that when Christ was walking on the water and invited Peter to come walk on the water that it was something really scary for him. But sometimes we have to do things that are a little scary or stretch us a little so that we can witness miracles.

We got caught in seriously the worst rain storm I have ever seen.
It was as if we jumped in a pool. Completely soaked!!!!
Pools of water came out of my shoes each time I walked.
I am so thankful for this opportunity to train. I know that it will probably be challenging but I know that I will grow so much as a missionary and as a person. I am so excited for that!

Well....I hope you all have a wonderful week! If you are feeling a little adventurous...shoot me an email ( I'm sure I will need the support/comfort after this crazy week.

So pretty! Mom, I'm a missionary!!! haha!
Love you!
Sister Madsen

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