Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 46

It has been a really good week. 

I was able to go on a split again to Feucht. Unfortuntately one of our less active members that we used to visit passed away . So we went with the elders and bishop to the funeral on Tuesday evening. Bishop did a really nice job. It was just really sad to see. His death was so sudden. While I was in Feucht I also got to visit the Ackermann family! I seriously love them and miss them so much! It is always so fun to be around them.

We had lunch with Caroline. She is awesome!!!
We also had our first interviews with President Stoddard. He just wanted to mainly get to know us. He is such a good man. I am so grateful he is our mission president. And I LOVE his wife! She is awesome!

We also we able to go to the young women "camping" acitivity this past week. Some of the girls had never been camping before. So we set up a tent and built a camp fire and roasted some smores. It was really fun and we got to get to know the young women a little better.

Helping the young women build a tent
More setting up the tent
On saturday we got to go to the temple! YAY! The Lindgrens picked us up and we made the 3 hour dirve to Frankfurt! Roadtrip!!! I seriously love the Lindgrens. They are so funny and they are always giving us marriage advice haha! We went to the temple because one of the YSA received her endowments because she leaves on her mission in a few weeks to Toronto, Canada. She is a recent convert and has literally done this all on her own. She is amazing!! We were happy that we could go and support her!

We went to a chinese restaurant afterwards and it was soooooooooo hot!!! 
Elder Lindgren is so cool!!!
We have transfer calls again on saturday! I cannot believe how quickly this transfer has gone by! I can't believe Sister Hansen goes home in a little over a week! Crazy! I wonder who my new comp will be! I will let you all know next week!

It was an absolutely perfect day for the temple!
Since this transfer is almost over I have been thinking a lot about how I have changed even over the course of these short 6 weeks. I feel like I am becoming more confident in the missionary that I am. I know that there are still millions of things I can work on. But it's not overwhelming to me like it used to be. I feel like all I can do is my best and then leave the rest up to God.

The group at the temple!
I am not trying to say this like "Oh am I just the greatest missionary ever! blah blah blah" but it has been something that I have really struggled with my whole mission. Feeling like I am good enough. I have learned that there is a difference between humility and low self esteem. It has really been through prayer, scripture study, and obedience that I have really felt this overwhelming joy of missionary work. I literally have no idea if any of that made sense haha!...ooops....

Sorry I wish more exciting things happened this week....actually it is kind of nice when nothing too crazy happens haha!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Liebe Grüsse,
Sister Madsen

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