Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 45

I think the theme of this week has been: too many eating appointments.....too much stomach is going to explode......

Elder Ward cleaning up after the street display!
But seriously.....I don't know what it was but we were forced to eat so much food this week. I look forward to the day when I can eat what I much I want.....when I want! haha! 

Um....I had to wear tights on the 9th of July! What is this!
It's actually so much better than dying of heat!
Sister Hansen had her birthday on the 10th of July!!!

We had a cake for Elder Ward and Sister Hansen's Birthdays!
We went and visited a member in the hospital with the Lindgrens and then afterwards they took us to get ice cream! It was so much fun!

Ice cream with the Lindgrens!
Then they dropped us off at the Fosters. They took us to this nice restaurant for lunch because it was Sister Hansen's b-day! Two words:
schnitzel happens! haha

Birthday lunch with the Fosters!!! Some of the nicest people I know!
Then we went and got hot chocolate with a member because it was unusually cold that day. The food level was in my throat.....oh boy.

Hot chocolate with Alina!
Then we went to another eating appointment with the Ochs. And guess what she made....Schnitzel!!!!! The schnitzel strikes again. I thought I was literally going to puke because there was so much food in my stomach.
We came home and just laid on the ground recovering from our eating adventures!

Dinner with the Ochs family!
Sunday was also very similar. We had a lunch appt. and then a dinner appt. (I have never had so many eating appts on my whole mission!!) The lunch one was not my favorite. It was like 5 courses of polish food. Oh heavens..... We came home by the end of the day and just laid on the floor again.

I may or may not have found some candy on the street and I ate it.......
In other news....Germany won the world cup!!!!! Hollah!!!! It was so crazy last night. I knew they had one just from all the cheering outside. People were driving around honking their horns until about midnight! And people are still cheering today! It is so exciting!

Pics from Institute! 
We love Institute!
I also found out this week that Mohammed is getting baptized on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally danced around the room for 20 minutes after I found out. I remember after Sister Diethelm and I found him we came home and created a song slash dance that went something like- Mohammed is gonna get baptized!!!! I guess the danced work! I am so happy for him! Hopefully I can make it to his baptism in Feucht! 

Paula was baptized on Saturday! Love her!
Having someone get baptized that you were there from the beginning (lets be honest doesn't happen too often in Germany) is so exciting! It has really changed the way I look at people on the street. It's like I can see their potential...what they can be rather than who they are...because I have seen the transformation take place before. Initial contact to baptism! This gospel is amazing! I love being a missionary!!!

N├╝rnberg is beautiful!!
I am still dying to find out where Chan the Man is going on his mission. I literally tell everyone that my brother is going on a mission!!!! Woohooo!!!!! So proud of you Chandler!!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you!!!
Sister Madsen

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