Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 60

Well we had transfer calls on Saturday and I bet you are all dying to know what's happening!!!

Some goodbye pics from my last Sunday in Nürnberg!
 So, Sister Wahlquist is training here in Nürnberg.
I will be training in Duisburg and opening the area again for sisters. Oh and I was called as sister training leader. Talk about stress!!! I have never been so physically ill because of stress before haha

Elder Ward was also transferred to Duisburg and he will be my district leader haha! We have been serving together in Nürnberg for the last 4 months.  Elder Nelson from feucht is the ZL in Düsseldorf so I will be working with him!  Sister Fowlke and Sister Hamner are training as well!!

We have 13 new sister coming into the mission.

I am really excited to finally know where I will be serving and it will probably be my last area on my mission! Weird! But I am so nervous to open an area. I have know idea what I am doing and on top of it I have to train a golden. I'm excited for the adventure! I'm kind of stressed but I am really looking forward to serving in Dusiburg. Maybe Duisburg has the nickname of the Dirty D because it is the ugliest city in the mission. haha
but I don't care!

I saw this really weird bike seat cover on the walk to church
 This last week I went on a split in coburg with sister goodrich. It's weird because my very first split in Coburg was in January! And that was my last split there. It was fun to be with Sister Goodrich and she made me try a famous "Coburger" for the first time! Delicious!

Coburgers with Sister Goodrich.
 Sister Wahlquist and I found out that we would be training on Friday. We had to wait until Saturday to see who was staying in Nürnberg and who was going. Man....Friday was a really long day!!! But we made it to transfer calls. Then we made our way to Schwabach to help the Feucht missionaries with a street display.

Freezing at our street display in Fürth!
 Then we had a street display in Fürth. It was freezing and raining that day so we didn't see too much success. But we got to chill with Elder Lidgren for the afternoon. He always gives us some good marriage advice haha!

I got to see Nani at the street display in Schwabach!!!!
 I am really looking forward to the changes this week. Even though they may be really big changes. I feel a little inadequate for what is ahead of me but I know that I have felt this way in the past and the Lord has always carried me and I always have made it out ok. I may not feel too confident in my abilities right now but I am confident in the Lord and that He will help me.

We went to Rothenburg for pday again! Good times
 Well I hope you all have a woderful week! I love you!

Sister Madsen

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