Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 59

This week has been all about having patience for crazy people. 
Found this sign in Erlangen!
I know I know.....I feel like I write every week about how we deal with so many crazy people, but this week put me over the edge. Sister Wahlquist and I were in an appt with an investigator. She was going OFF about Ebola.....and who knows what. I turned to Sister Wahlquist and just gave her this look of "I can't really do this right now." Luckily she knows me pretty well and started leading the discussion. I am thankful for Sister Wahlquist. She has been really patient with me as I have been learning to be patient with others. Oh life lessons......
Sister Wahlquist and I had matching scarves for the day!
I have some funny stories for the week though:
Saturday we went and helped with a street display in Erlangen. 
This was the display right across from our street display. As they were building their tent we asked them what their display was about and they were like "you won't like it." and that's all they said haha
On the way home we got some lunch and I got some Chinese noodles in like one of those Chinese take out boxes. On the Bahn ride home Sister Wahlquist and I fell asleep HARD. The girl sitting across the way from us was out too. Then all of a sudden we here a loud sound. I was so asleep that I dropped my takeout box of noodles. A few noodles spilled. All three of us woke up, looked at the noodles, and went back to sleep. HAHA so funny! On Sunday a member came up to Sister Wahlquist and I and told us that we looked like we needed about 3 more hours of sleep. about 20? haha!
Caroline, a member, came teaching with us on her day off from work! She is so awesome!!!
Love these ladies!!! Vvivian is from Portugal and Caroline from Kenya. We have too much fun together!
Overall, I am doing pretty good. Being a missionary is awesome! Sometimes just the weirdest things happen to you. Sometimes you are dead tired but still the happiest you've ever been in your life. I love it! 
Some members from Feucht visited the Nürnberg ward on Sunday!
We had ward conference on Sunday and it was wonderful. They talked a lot about serving others. And how when we serve others we are showing our love as well. I am so grateful for this time I have to serve and to show God how much I love Him and this gospel. 
The missionaries in Nürnberg got a "comp" item last pday. The elders have matching sweaters and the sisters matching sweaters. Here's the Nürnberg missionaries.....Lindgrens included!
Elder Allen, Elder Ward, Elder and Sister Lindgren, Me, and Sister Wahlquist
I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week!
Sister Madsen

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