Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 62

Another week in Duisburg! aka....the Dirty D. Ok I am not going to lie this city is not the prettiest thing I have ever seen. But I really do love it here!

We love Duisburg!!!
We spent most of the week visiting members. A few families invited us over for dinner. It was really nice to get to know them better. Transportation here is so special at night so if we don't plan our trips home than we get home kind of late. Example: We met with a member from the ward with the elders. Elder Meinhardt said that they normally drive us to the bahnhof afterwards. Well it was about 20 min to 9 and the members were need to hurry and catch the bus. We were like...what the?? So we hurried to the bus stop and saw that no buses come this late. So we wondered through the city trying to find a bus stop. We found one and waited for 30 min. Then we went to bahnof and waited another 30 min for a train. Then we got back to Duisburg and had to wait another 20 min for our 20 min bus ride home. We got home kind of late......oops.....we all learned our lesson. 

Waiting for our train at like 10:30pm.......ugh.....
I also went on a split with Sister Funk this week. She is so awesome!! She has only been on her mission for like 8 weeks but I kept thinking that she had been out for like 8 months! Holy cow! We had fun getting lost in Duisburg. Oh the joys of opening an area......
On my split with Sister Funk with the Dirty Bird in the background....
We also had our very first appointment with an inveastigator here in Duisburg. We literally just went through our area book and called every former investigator. And we met with someone!! woohoo!

Sister Bray and I feel like we finally have our heads on straight. This first week was kind of crazy but we set some really good goals and we have a lot to work to do.
I made a Dirty D dance at Duisburg Hauptbahnhof...
...Sister Bray thinks I'm weird.
I still cannot believe I am here in Duisburg. I am definitely being stretched and learning a lot about what I can do on my own. It has slash is continuing to be a learning experience! FOR SURE!! Well.....Sister Bray and I are going to hit up the exciting city of Düsseldorf for pday today! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love you!
Sister Madsen

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