Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 43

Ok.....I got a little carried away with my email time today so sorry I don't have too much time to write a lot...oops.  But this week has been really good! Sister Hansen and I were pretty busy which is always nice.

Sister Gardner and me!
Monday we went to Rothenburg for pday....again. I have literally been there 3 times already haha! But I love it there so it's all good. It was fun to get to know some of the new missionaries in the zone. Sister Gardner is Sister Diethelm's new golden and she is way nice! Love her! 

Pday in Rothenburg!
Then on Tuesday we had our last zone conference with President Schwartz. It was really sad to say goodbye to him! He was an amazing mission president. Also there was a strike so all the buses and Ubahns weren't running for the day. It was probably quite the sight as 90 missionaries walked the 15 minute walk from hauptbahnhof to the chapel in Nürnberg! After zone conference we had zone training. We did this motivational activity where we karate chopped boards...kind of like what I did my very first day in Germany! It was way good and I was definitely motivated!

Makeovers for young womens!
I also had a split with Sister Diethelm in Feucht. It was weird going back to my old area especially since I havent been gone that long but I still love it there! We went to young womens and did makeovers! Loved it! 

Our photoshoot after makeovers!!!
This week we also got permission from president to watch the Germany versus USA football game! They decided to have another strike on this day so we couldn't travel anywhere except to Feucht. So we watched the game with the Feucht ward. It was so much fun!! It was a little weird watching a game as a missionary....haha! But I loved it!

Watching the soccer game!
Germany won! The girls did some facepaint for me!
Singing together after the game!
We also had a ward activity this week. It was good to get to know the members a little better. There was a lot of food...German food.....Germans love their potato salad. Not my favorite. haha! Good times were had. 

At the ward party!
Sister Hansen and I had a lot of good appointments this week. It is always so good to see people light up just as they learn about the Book of Mormon and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It really helps me remember why I am serving a mission. 

Love the Lindgrens!!!
This week President shared an experience where an elder was having a really hard time and so he gave him a blessing and in his blessing he told him that his life had been saved so that he could be serving a mission. And then it made me think of all the times when my life was the one time I was close to death when I was riding a horse and it just sprinted away.....or when I almost drowned in the 7peaks wave pool and my sister saved my life.....or any time I have to sprint to catch a bahn haha! I don't know if my life has been specifically saved to serve a mission but I am so grateful that I am alive to serve a mission. God has a plan for us. He knows us and what our potentail is! We are His children! Those were some of my thoughts this week...I know...special......

Anyways....I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Sister Madsen

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