Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 44

This week has been pretty good. How on earth can a week go by so slowly and quickly AT THE SAME TIME?! Oh's called being on a mission.

Last pday we had a surpirse birthday party for Sister Diethelm. The whole zone was there excpet one pair of elders. She was so surprised! It was awesome! Then we played some ultimate frisbee and soccer in a park. You'd think I'd learn how to play soccer since I'm in nope. Still couldn't play to save my life. But it was fun! Oh and Germany is still in the world cup!! Huzzah!!!!!!

Sister Diethelm after the surprise!
We had a really awful day last week where pretty much all our appts fell out and we had nothing to do. We walked around Nuernberg all day visiting people on our ward list. Special times.....the last lady we visited told us she used to be a witch....what the?! 

After we played some soccer!
We had zone conference this week! We met President Stoddard and his wife. They are so nice and will be so amazing for this mission. He talked a lot about how our attitude is a choice and we can choose to be happy. It was really good! I sang for the conference and Elder Allen played the piano. Oh heavens....I was maybe a little nervous.....but it went well! 

We also had a street display again this week. Sister Hansen and I decided that dealing with crazy people really makes us tired. haha!
But at least it's not boring. 

No one on the bahn during the world cup game when Germany plays....
We have some of the greatest investigators right now. They are so sincere and have such a desire to learn about this gospel. It really makes teaching exciting. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met on my mission. I really do love it here! 

4th of July!!!
The Zone Leaders had MLC this week and on the way back from Frankfurt they called us and told us that President made a new rule that we must use "Sie" with everyone. (that is just the formal language) Sister Hansen was SOOOOO mad! I had to like calm her down all night. She couldn't fall asleep. It was so funny. Then the next day we saw the zone leaders and they said it was just a joke! Oh boy! GOOD ONE!!! Sister Hansen was stressing all night....they felt kind of bad....I thought it was hilarious! 

The fan is is so hot!
Yesterday, for fast sunday, the whole ward fasted for the youth and that they would stay strong and true and some day choose missions. I was really emotional the whole day because I was thinking about my brothers. I am so proud of them and the decisions they have made! Chandler should be getting his mission call soon. People always told me that my family would be blessed because I was serving a mission. I thought it was true but never thought too much of it. But I have truly felt my own life be blessed because of my brother's decision to serve a mission. I have felt the spirit of his mission preparation. Now I know what all those people meant.
I am so excited for Chandler!!!!!!!!!!!

Wandering through a forest on the way to an appointment...
"Um....Sister Hansen where are we?"
Anyways....I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all!!!!

Sister Madsen

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