Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 34

This week was pretty good!

Sister Diethelm and I with this awesome member who helped out with the street display!
Sister Diethelm and I found a new way legit investigator. We haven't heard from one of our investigators for a while so we decided to go by and see if she was home. A member came with us. It is sometimes difficult to get into the building because it is kind of a hotel type thing. We kind of guessed she wasn't home but we still wanted to try to get into the building. We tried everything....banging on windows and all doors and the member even contemplated climbing through an open window. We were desperate!
We really wanted to get in!

Maybe Sister Diethelm and I were twins for a day!
We finally made it inside (without breaking the law) and we left a little note for our investigator outside her door. We decided to knock on her neighbor's door to see if he knew anything about where she was. He didn't know where she was but we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon. He asked if we had time to answer some of his questions. We ended up teaching him for an hour and asking him if he would like to take the lessons. He was so willing! It turns out the reason he came to Germany was for Christianity. And at the end he told us that he had prayed to God to open a new door for him and God sent us to him. He came to volleyball a couple days later and we are meeting with him again this week.

We love each other :)
I know there was a reason we really wanted to get into that building....even though we knew our investigator wasn't home. It was for this new investigator we found! It was really a cool experience and it really strengthened my testimony that there are people out there ready and preparted to hear the message of the restored gospel. All we have to do is open our mouths or be a little courageous! 

Split pic with sister beck!
This week I had another split with Sister Beck. 
She is serisouly awesome! I love going on splits with her.

The crew after doing some garden work.
Since spring is coming a lot of people want help in the gardens so we have done a lot pulling weeds and garden work.

Pulling weeds.....
And it is starting to warm up here. I got a little taste of how it will be in the summer and let's just say.....I am going to DIE!!! It's probably just a little too humid here and I really hate being hot....so there were a couple days when I just wanted to not wear any clothes.....tmi....sorry.... Anyways....I hope my body will acclimate to this warm weather because right now...
...it is a struggle haha! 

The street display in Regensburg!
We also went to Regensburg this last week to help with a street display there. Regensburg is way pretty! The street display was pretty fun! Maybe people are mean sometimes....but that's fine! It was fun to work with some of our district members!

Passing out balloons!
Also...this saturday we have transfer calls again!! CARAZY!! this transfer went by so fast! So I guess we will see if I will stay or go!

pictures of elders sleeping on bahns never gets old!
I love you all!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Madsen

p.s. Happy Birthday week to my bro CHAN the MAN!
The big 18!!! Love you Chandler!

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