Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 36

I know it is kind of late but........HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I forgot to write that last week but I am so thankful for my mom and for everyone else who has been a "mom" to me. Maybe I cried all through sacrament meeting as they were talking about moms because I miss my MOM!!! haha it was kind of embarassing....snot everywhere. But I blame the primary children. They sang in sacrament meeting and I just about died. That's what got me started. Anyways.....I love Mother's Day.....mostly because I'll be a mother some day and it will be all about me haha....just kidding....

Sister Diethelm has a new hobby! Haha
This week was way long!! Oh my goodness...it went by so slow. It was transfer week so we said goodbye to some missionaries in our zone. They closed an elder area in Nürnberg so we lost both Elder Melanson and Elder Ludlow. Our district is now 6 instead of 8. We had a couple elders who finished their mission! Huzzah! Returned with Honor. haha! 

Our last district pic before transfers!
Sister Diethelm and I taught seminary one morning. We had to get up super early and they actually do seminary over the phone on a conference call. So at 6 am we called in. It was so funny.....none of them really talked so for like the first 5 minutes I was just ranting on the phone. haha! They loved it.....

Sport Abend....with Lara!!! She is way cool!
Later that night we went to mutual and helped out with a video they are making. Sister Diethelm is the star for one of the scenes...she is pretty proud of that haha! We think we are hilarious when we are with the youth...maybe they think we are funny too...probably not...But a couple of the young women want to go street contacting and doors and such with us. We are so excited to go with them. The young women are awesome in this ward! 

Mutual with the young women!
We also helped with another street display in Regensburg. I really love it in Regensburg. It is so pretty! If you ever visit Germany make a stop there! But the street display was pretty good! We talked to a lot of people and I think the Regensburg elders have a lot of new potential investigators now. Wohoo!

At the street display in Regensburg. Those are two members from the Regensburg branch!
We taught sunday school for all the youth on sunday (hopefully they are not sick of us haha). We taught about gaining a testimony for ourselves. It is really hard to be like the only member in your school or even town.We really just wanted to let them know "Don't give up." Gaining a testimony is hard work and I even have to work on it every day. But I know that when we put the effort in and when we have a desire to know truth for ourselves that the Lord blesses us. 

More of her new hobby
Love you all!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Liebe Grüsse,
Sister Madsen

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