Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 35

Since you are all probably dying to know what happened with transfer calls I will start off with that.......

Another transfer together!!!
I am staying in Feucht with Sister Diethelm for another 6 weeks! WOOHOO!!! I am so excited! I love it here and I LOVE having Sister Diethelm as my companion!!! We are pumped. This means at least 6 more weeks of cat hats and 6 more weeks to learn swiss german.....

These are EVERYWHERE!! sick......
Sometimes I don't feel very wordy so I'm just going to give some highlights of the week:

-We had a ward activity at the "Rot See." A bunch of ward members have a tradition were they jump in the lake on May 1st.....It is way cold and maybe it was weird seeing my bishop in a swimsuit haha! Oh well..... We played volleyball all together and it was way fun!!!

Playing volleyball at the ward activity
 -We had a sisters p-day!! We went to the Doku Zentrum which is a museum about hitler and WWII in Germany. I have been there before but it was nice to be with all the sisters. We thought it would be the last time that we would be together but it turns out that all the sisters in the zone are staying for another transfer. Poor Sister Fuller has been in her area for 9 months! haha!

All the sisters at the museum!
-Went on another split with Sister Fowlke! Love her! 

Sisters P-day!
-Had a transfer call breakfast with some of the missionaries in our zone! 

Our transfer call breakfast!!!
-Helped one of the senior couple's son move! I've decided I'm getting pretty buff from all these moves!

Helping move!!!
-And the highlight of the week: Skyping my family!!!!!!! We got to skype a week early since they will be gone on mother's day! I love my family!!!!!! and.....Alfie......

Skyping my fam!
The teacher in relief society said something really funny yesterday that made me think. When we are going through hard times do we see the light at the end of the tunnel and think it is the light of a train coming towards us? haha! Kind of funny! but how true is it that sometimes we look ahead in life with such pessimism. We have so much to be grateful for in our life! I'm sure all of you have already seen it but there is a new mormon message type thing called "Because of Him" If you have not seen it...WATCH IT NOW!!! oh my....so good. I am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ.
And because of Him I can live again!

Love you all!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Madsen

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