Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 25

I've decided that this was just the week for people to insult me......
whatever that's fine......

First experience: flash back a month ago......we were trying to find a less active's home with our navigator. All of a sudden or navi just stopped working. It was raining and dark and we were lost. We saw this home with lights on and we decided to see if maybe we could charge our navi there. They let us in and it turns out that the Dad is American and has met with the missionaries before. So we finally had the chance to return and visit him this past week. He was totally intoxicated and proceeded to tell us for about 2 hours how dumb we were for coming to Germany and serving missions. He kept telling us we were dumb. It was just really special.....

Our game night! Carl was the only one to show up but we still had fun! It was Elder Seamon's first night in Feucht!
Next: We met a group of Persian men at our street display and we found a time to meet up this last week. We brought them a bunch of persian BoM because they wanted to give them to their friends. After we gave them the books they asked us if we had time to get a drink with them. Sister Miller said yes and we ended up in a bakery with two persian men drinking hot chocolate that they bought us. Oh the situations you end up in as a missionary..........then one of the persian men told me if I wanted to be thin that I shouldn't drink hot is that a fat joke?haha Thanks for the advice though! But his friend had a really great story and is trying to help bring people to Christ. He told us his conversion story to Christianity and it was really inspiring! 

We had a zone p-day last week! We played at some park! It was fun......this is an awkward hallway pic.....
And then: We were invited to attend the adult session of stake conference this past weekend. It was held in Erlangen and it was fun to see other missionaries and our mission president. While we were waiting for it to start a man from the Nurnberg ward told me that my glasses were strange. And they didn't curve by my ear like they were supposed too. Seriously!!! Oh my....slightly put me over the edge. But anyways.....stake conference was really great! For the Sunday session they had a special broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Bednar spoke and gave his talk in german! Pretty legit! 

Our p-day last week.
Regardless of just being insulted by people who barely know me it's been a pretty good week! And these situations really made me think about why I am serving a mission. Sidenote: my earring just fell out of my ear and I just spent the past 5 minutes searching and crawling on the floor of this sketchy internet cafe looking for it and it has been worries....just lost my train of thought.... Anyways.....I am so grateful I am here serving a mission. I could easily just go home any day but I am learning that I CAN do hard things. And it is so interesting that in any other situation those comments would have really offended me but I know that God has blessed me with feelings of peace and charity. I am so grateful for that!! 

We overnighted it with the Coburg sisters! Love them! Sleepover! And yes that is a rice bag in my pants........
I forgot to tell you about a cool story!!!

This past week we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Coburg sister's musical. They worte a musical for their branch to perform and to invite non members to. Sister Miller volunteered to film the musical for the branch. On the train ride there a man sat next to us and we started talking to him. He asked us where we were going and we said a musical in Coburg. We showed him the invite and he said he wanted to come with us! And he did! He took the bus with us up to the coburg chapel and stayed for the whole musical! We gave him a Book of Mormon at the end and exchanged contact information. We are so glad we were able to go to the musical so that we could meet this man on the way! 

My favorite book I found at the Coburg church!
I love you all! I miss you dearly!! I am going to proceed to give the shameless plug for emails or letters!!! I would love to hear how you are doing!

Love you!
Sister Madsen

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