Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 24

I forgot to say last week.....Happy Valentine's Day!!! Sister Miller and I had a pretty special V-Day together. We were walking back in the dark and cold to our apt and I turned to her and started singing "I'm through with love" haha! We shared a special moment haha! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
This week has been pretty crazy. We planned a street display for Valentine's Day. So we spent every minute of spare time cutting out hearts and decorating them with glitter. I love glitter so I had a lot of fun decorating the hearts. I probably got a little carried away with the glitter.....I started decorating days in my planner with glitter. It's not a problem......

So many hearts for our street display!
Cutting out soooooooooo many hearts...
Our street display was pretty good. We gave out valentines and candy to the people of Neumarkt. Sister Miller said we were like God's little Valentine cherubs. We found a new investigator and actually she ended up hanging around our display for like an hour. We are excited to meet with her again this week! On Sunday, a member from our ward told us that she was planning on coming to our street display to help but she was invited to a birthday party. She went to the birthday party and one of the ladies showed up with a heart valentine that we were passing out. Our ward member had the opportunity to explain who the missionaries were and she invited all the ladies at the party to church. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Our beautiful street display! The tent kept blowing over. At one point Sister Miller and I went to talk to someone and we looked back and then tent was gone......awkward!
We also had transfer calls this week. I will be staying in Feucht with Sister Miller for another transfer but Elder Mayne has been transferred to Erlangen. We will miss him! Luckily he will still be in the same zone. 
I'm excited for the new transfer! 

District pic! Our last DDM all together!
In case you're wondering (you could probably care less haha) but my hip is doing better. Sister Miller insists on massaging it every night. Special times..... but it seems to be helping. Not many companions would massage their companion's hip. I am grateful :) 

We threw a surprise birthday party for Samuel. He turned 11!
Happy Birthday Samuel!
Things are going well in Feucht! The elders had a baptism on Saturday. It was the first baptism in Feucht for over a year! Pretty crazy! It was a wonderful service! I always love going to baptisms. The spirit is so strong! 

At the Baptism on Saturday with a member from our ward.
I am so grateful for all the tender mercies I have experienced this week. I have started at the end of each day picking one thing out that God has helped me accomplish that day. Doing that has made me realize how much I need my Heavenly Father and how much He really does for me. 

I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Madsen

P.S. I am starting a dirndl series of photos. This is a few of my kitchen series haha! I'm weird........

Sister Madsen in her Dirndl is a whole new animal haha!

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