Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 23

This week has been.....special haha!

I was on yet another split! 
Sister Miller had MLC and then had to prepare for zone training with the other Sister Training Leader so I was in Nürnberg from Tuesday to Friday! But the best part was that I got to be companions with Sister Fowlke for the week. She was my MTC comp. We had so much fun together! The sisters there have been using a car because the senior couple has had visa problems so we were just cruisin around town the whole week! Driving in Germany is frightening but Sister Fowlke does such a good job.

Best split evah!
One day we had to go to the physical therapist because I am a grandma and hurt my hip. How do you even do that?! haha! But anyways.....the physical therapist was a young German man with an eyebrow ring and he just massaged my butt for like 45 minutes. I'm not sorry about it...haha! But Sister Fowlke was a trooper and just had small talk with him as he did it. Special moments.....I was so grateful we would be driving for the week because I was pretty sore afterwards. Such a tender mercy. 
The Lord is looking out for me! 

We had zone training this week! It was so great! I love learning from the other missionaries. We talked a lot about becoming the missionaries and people we want to become. And since our zone isn't that unified we ate donuts off of strings for a little activity. Nothing brings missionaries together like eating donuts off of strings. haha! It was fun! 

Eating donuts at zone training.
Donut on a string....
I also had to opportunity to go to the Frankfurt Temple for the first time on saturday! It was so great. We left at 6:10am and there was a bus for the whole stake. Our ward sat in the back of the bus. Party! haha....but really! Our bishop is hilarious! We did two sessions back to back. And I got to see Mimi who did a mini mission with me in Dortmund. It was great to see her! We didn't get back to our apt until 9:30pm. So it was kind of a long day but toally worth it. I LOVE the temple! 

Temple bus! aka party bus!
The temple!
For p-day Sister Miller and I went Dirndl shopping. They are the traditional German dresses! haha! So hilarious but I totally got one. I really wanted Lederhosen because they are cooler but the lady wouldn't let me try them on because she said I needed a Dirndl haha! So German....

Dirndl Shopping!
This week was kind of crazy and I wasn't really in my area for the majority of the week but it was really a good week. I am so grateful for the time I had at the temple! God continues to show me that he has my back (as my mother would say). I am so grateful to serve a mission. I was thinking this morning about all I learned so far on my mission. It really is a lot and I still have so much more to learn! 

Sister fowlke and I on our split
Thank you for your continued support and love and prayers!!!!! 
You are all the best! Love you dearly!!!!

Sister Madsen

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