Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 26

First off, I want to thank you all for the emails!! Seriously so sweet! You know what, I am going to drink all the hot chocolate I want and wear my glasses! haha! But really......THANK YOU!!!

Sometimes we wear night caps, retainers, and glasses at the same time. Real winners!
I'll give you a run down of the week/ highlight of each day:

Beer boyfriend!
Monday: half-zone pday! We went on this tour of the underground tunnels of Nuernberg. It ended up being a tour about beer! So it was hilarious to see all these missionaries learning about how beer is made haha! 

The sisters after the tour!
Tuesday: Zone leadership meeting. Since my comp is the Sister Training Leader I GOT to go.....haha! It was really good and I learned a lot. Sister Diethelm and I went "finding" for an hour while they had a second meeting. The first girl we talked to took a BoM and we got her number. Yay! 

The joys of having coordinating meeting with the elders outside
because we can't be inside the church together...freezing!!!!
Wednesday: We finally met with one of our investigators, Donna. We went with a member from our ward and while we were waiting outside Donna's door for her to show up, a persian man said we could wait in his room for thank you...haha! Seriously hilarious! We had a really good lesson! Her room was like 500 degrees and we drank herbal tea (not my favorite) but the spirit was so strong! 

Lilli's Baptism (president's granddaughter).
Thursday: We did some visiting teaching splits. Had to drink more tea.....while one of the ladies left the room Sister Miller downed my tea for me. So nice! haha! We also had "Sport Abend" at the church. Our GML set up a volleyball net outside of the church. Seriously the only day that wasn't warm and sunny was thursday but we still played anyways. It was fun! 

It's apparently campaign season in Feucht!
Friday: Sister Miller and I sent out 34 letters to the zone! That's a lot of envelopes to lick!! I took quite a while but there is no feeling like dropping 34 letters in the mail box (wow....I need to get out more) haha! We have to be in early to our apt from friday to tuesday because of a German holiday called "Faschings" (I think that's how it's spelled). It's pretty much like halloween but I have no idea which day it actually is. Germans like to party!

Awkward first DDM pic of the transfer.
Saturday: We helped out with this stake YM/YW activity. It was some activity with an airplane and the three degrees of glory. The sister missionaries were flight attendants. Later that afternoon was Lilli's baptism. Her family invited like 50 non-members and a lot of them showed up. It was really great!!! We have a couple return apts from it.

The flight attendants.....Sister Miller hates matching but I LOVE it!
Sunday: Fast Sunday....hunger haha! A sister who finished her mission a couple weeks ago came to visit. She opened Feucht for sisters last May. Everyone was so excited to see her! She came with her parents. I just watched her parents as she bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. They are so proud of her. I was of course bawling the whole time.

Group pic after the Beer tour.
It's been a good week. I am sick again.......gross! I hate being sick but Sister Miller is very patient and cares more about me getting better than I do. 
So, I guess that is good!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Sister Madsen

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