Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 21

Guten Tag! 
I'm going to mix it up a little this week 
and just share mostly pictures with a few highlights. 

Just some highlights:

Went on another split Sister Diethelm! She is awesome!

Sister Diethelm and I on our split.....don't ask.....
Helped the Schwartz family move. 
President was there to help because it was his daughter moving! 
Gave a talk in Sacrament meeting. My German is so special and I doubt anyone understood me but at least I put the effort in! haha!

The group at the museum.
Visited a Holocaust museum with some other missionaries in the zone. 
Kind of a depressing and dark museum but very informative!

Listening to depressing things at the museum.
A family in the ward invited us over for FHE. They put the kids to bed and then practically sat Sister Miller and I down to have "grown up talk." We could talk about whatever we wanted to. We all just ended up crying and the dad just bore testimony to us about how much God loves us. was muchly needed! Such an amazing family!

Playing Ninja Destruction with the Feucht Elders.....seriously love them!
The next day the mom from that family went with us to a visiting teaching appt. I had a really hard time giving the lesson in German and I was beating myself up the whole lesson. Then we got in the car and on the way back the mom turned to me and told me that I did a really good job in there and that I really brought the spirit. She said that it doens't matter if my German is perfect....just as long as the spirit is there. She was definitely prompted by the spirit to say that! I was crying haha!

Our ward building is so pretty inside!
Had an unexpected interview with President. 
He is such an inspired man and definitely told me things I needed to hear.

We made snowmen on the walking on the way to church.
Had our first snowfall!! and snowball fight with the elders! 

The snow outside our apartment.
I have just been thinking a lot lately about how much God loves His children. It is amazing to me that he loves someone I meet on the street just as much as a general authority or something like that. 

The baptismal font
I don't think I really realize how much God loves us. 
But I can testify that I have felt just a glimpse of His love and he truly knows and cares about each one of us.

Spent the p-day today with the Nurnberg sisters!
I hope you all are doing well!!! I miss you! 
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Until next week!

Sister Madsen

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