Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 75

The countdown has begun! Just 10 more days! Ahhh! Maybe I am freaking out. And maybe I have a mental breakdown every day haha but its all good.

Sister Heywood and I!!! Love her!
We had a really good week. We had two splits again. The first one I was with Sister Davis in dusiburg. She is brand new on her mission. We had an appointment with a less active and we asked her son if he wanted to start taking the lessons and he said yes!! So excited to teach him!! 

Split pic with Sister Davis
Then the next split I went to Münster with Sister Landeen.
She is also brand new on her mission.

Split pic with Sister Landeen
Münster is so beautiful!!!

Münster is beautiful!
Unfortunately, I got pretty sick on our split. I called the nurse and she freaked out when I coughed. She is worried I will get pneumonia. Perfect! Just what I need right before I go home haha! It is kind of like when you finish your finals at the end of a semester and you are sick for winter break (that always happened to me!). Except I am at the end of my mission and my body is breaking down. Come on body! Just a few more days haha!

Fu Fu! Yummy!
Oh and Happy Valentines Day!!! We went to a members home and she made us Fu Fu which is a delicious african food you eat with your hands. I have heard about it my whole mission but I finally got the chance to eat it! Woohoo!

We went to the Haribo store last pday! SUGAR!!!
This week has also been Carnival in Germany. Which means a lot of drunk people wearing silly costumes. It is pretty crazy! I dont really understand holidays here in Germany...

Cool building in Duisburg
I can't believe that I will be home so soon. I am trying to soak up my last few days of being a missionary. Time is moving way too quickly.

Random photo shoots in front of the Rathaus

I feel so blessed to be able to dedicate this time to the Lord. My mission has changed me forever for the better! I am so grateful for my time in Germany!

Valentines day pic!

I love you all!

Sister Madsen

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