Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 73

Another week flew by!! Sister Heywood and I felt like we were running around with our heads cut off all week but then we looked back and we were like what did we actually do. Do you ever feel like that? You are so busy but dont feel like you actually get anything done.....yep.....

One of our members we visit weekly!
This week we had MLC in Frankfurt. We woke up Friday morning at 3:55 am! oh my goodness and then on the way home our bus was stuck in traffic FOREVER so we didnt get home until midnight! We were so pooped! 

All the Sister Training Leaders at MLC....and Elder Mayne
The next day we spent like all day planning for our upcoming zone trainings. Sister Heywood and I were pumped because it felt like girls camp all over again. We planned some fun activites for our zones. We even made some glittery hearts for the Dortmund zone. Glitter everywhere! 

I heart glitter....
At the end of that day we felt like we needed to go out and be missionaries since we had been in meetings and planning all day. So it was like 8:30 pm and we decided that we would talk to 10 people before we went home. We went and did some doors. People werent too friendly but we met two girls that we invited to church and they were super nice to us. Small victories.....

In Bonn....yep that's Beethoven. I think he was born in Bonn or something like that.....
We also had another split this week. I went to Bonn with Sister Bunderson. Bonn is so beautiful! It was nice to see a pretty part of Germany again! haha We had a fun split!

Split pic with Sister Bunderson!
This last Monday we went and had family home evening with a family from the ward. Sister Heywood and I decided to do a little object lesson about talents and we had the family share what each others talents were. The next sunday the daughter came up to us and thanked us for the lesson we gave. 

Last pday we went to Köln! It was raining and cold.....
She said that earlier that day the family had been fighting a lot and there was some contention but when we gave our lesson and made them say nice things about each other that it really helped. She said our lesson was inspired. It was seriously the nicest thing. Sometimes it is really easy to feel as a missionary that you dont really make a difference. I am so grateful that we followed the spirit to teach this specific object lesson. 

Köln Dom!
Well...we have another crazy week ahead of us. I'm not really sure how I will make it through but I have

Waiting for bahns in the freezing cold.....the usual
Love you all! Have a great week!!


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