Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 71

This week has been a lot of change! I said goodbye to my little golden Sister Bray! She spread her wings and left me here in Duisburg.
Last night on the town with Angleika and Sister Bray. Angleika usually comes with us to appointments every week. She leaves on her mission next week!
I picked up my new companion Sister Heywood wednesday night. We spent our first day together on a split with another sister who was spending the day with us until her comp came. On top of that all I was real sick this last week. Poor Sister Heywood had a pretty interesting first few days in Duisburg. We didn't do too much because I was way too sick to leave the apartment.
Saying goodbye to Sister Bray :(
Sunday was a pretty crazy day. We spent 12 hours in the church. Yes, 12 HOURS!!! Between church, choir, ward council, eating, more meetings, and then another choir practice......it was just a long day. But the ward loves Sister Heywood and she will do great taking over the area when I leave.
Our last pday as a district!
We made a theme for my last transfer and it is Endure to the End. haha! Yep....trying not to let the trunkiness get to me haha!
It was so great working with these missionaries! Dont mind me.....I look a little special....
I was so sick.....
I am really looking forward to this upcoming week. We have some good appointments ahead of us and another split. Should be good!
New comp....Sister Heywood!
I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Madsen

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