Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 32

This week has been really hilarious and I will just start off by explaining something that happened to Sister Diethelm and I last monday evening. 

Maybe Sister Diethelm and I have matching cat hats......
That's just us sitting on our balcony.....
So it was about 9:00 pm and we got off our bahn at Feucht bahnhof. We saw this lady walking about 10 meters in front of us. She was talking to herself and waving her arms around. Sister Diethelm and I didn't really think anything of it. We were just like "oh....there's actually crazy people in" And she kept looking back at us and then talking to herself. 

And then, we walked up the stairs and she was sitting on a rock. We walked by and Sister Diethelm was being friendly and smiled at her. Then we heard this like snorting noise and she totally SPIT at us. I said "Entschuldigung" kind of like "exCUse me!" and then she got off her rock and started chasing us and spitting at us some more! 

Sister Diethelm and me at Zone Training
We were so afraid but we were also laughing at the same time because we were so confused. Luckily we lost her by some bushes. It was so scary! But also hilarious! We called the elders as we were walking home because we were so afraid that she was going to pop out of the bushes. Well at least now I can say I have been spit on.......

Precious Feucht Missionaries.
This week we also had zone training. I gave a little lesson about agency. I tired to make it a little exciting because let's be honest sometimes these meetings are a little long. I think it went ok....I mean I think I'm hilarious....haha! 

Then I went on yet another split to Coburg except this time Sister Beck! She is actually from my home stake in Highland so maybe some of you know Sister Lauren Beck! She is way legit and I really loved workin with her. We both discovered that we like doing doors. No other sisters like doing doors so we decided that every split we go on we would do it! So pumped! 

We did some doors in Coburg and we were talking to this man. Sister Beck was talking and then I said something. The man turned to her and was like "I can't understand her because I don't speak Enlgish" Sister Beck was like "she just said something in German." haha! *facepalm* it was pretty classic.

We spent last p-day with the Nürnberg sisters.
 Then when were going to split back in Bamberg which is halfway between Nürnberg and Coburg. As soon as we got on the bahn we found out that none of the bahns were running from Bamberg to Nürnberg. So we got to Bamberg and waited 1.5 hours for the other sisters to come. And then Sister Diethelm and I took a bus back. It took 2 hours and we were sitting backwards on the bus and it was full of people and so hot. Luckily we both had seats and luckily I didn't puke......motion sickness......

Elder Seamons sleeping while he emails.....haha!
It's been a pretty funny week. I seriously love serving with Sister Diethelm. People keep thinking we are twins or sisters and we're not sad about it. We have seen a lot of miracles this past week. One our investigators came to church for the first time in a long time and she brought her boyfriend! We were serisouly in the right place at the right time like 4 times in one day. We were able to run into people just when we needed to. 

We found this workout machine in a park we were walking through....Germany is so fit.....
I really feel blessed to be able to serve here in Feucht right now. I feel like missionary work is really going to take off here this summer! Bishop told us he knows we will have baptisms this summer! So exciting! 

Elder Ward and Elder Wichtermann at zone training....
We had an easter egg hunt as an activity....
I hope you all have a wonderful week! And Happy Easter!! I love this time of the year to celebrate Christ. I know that He lives! What an amazing message that is and I am so grateful to be able to share it with the people here! 

Love you all!
Sister Madsen

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