Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 31

I feel like this week flew! And I can't believe it is April already! CARAZY!!!
Transfers mean Goodbyes...

Goodbye Elder Bishop!
Goodbye to some district members!
This week I said goodbye to Sister Miller. She made her way to Dortmund!!! She is kicking out her "Golden" (my trainer). And I said hello to Sister Diethelm! She came down from Coburg. 

Goodbye Sister Miller!! I will miss her! But she will love Dortmund!
Dropping Sister Miller off at the bus.
We have way too much fun together! We spent the last 10 minutes of language study trying on each other's clothes and talking in German. All we kept saying was "Das ist Hübsch!" so funny!!! But I am way excited to be working with her. She is such a good missionary and I know I will learn so much from her!

Sister Diethelm and me!
We are special!
We were able to watch general conference in Nürnberg this past weekend. I watched most of the sessions in Englsih with the other missionaries but I did watch one session in German because we had an investigator there. It was not too bad. I thought I understood most of it. Then Sister DIethelm was talking about one of the talks and I was like "Say What?!" Apparently I didn't undertsand too much! haha! special times..... it's a process. One of the members made all the missionaries food during the sessions.
Seriously so nice!

Eating between conference sessions!
My favorite talk was President Uchtdorf's about gratitude! I know that I am so much happier when I have an attitude of gratitude. And I love how he said that we should not only be grateful for what we have but be grateful regardless of our circumstances. Something I am working on but I know that we truly feel joy when we live a grateful life.

We LOVE conference
Watching Conference!
Things are going really well here in Feucht!! I am enjoying this time I have to dedicate all I have to the Lord. I am grateful for my companion Sister Diethelm! She is such a great example to me and I love just being around her! Yay for the Swiss!!!

The new Feucht Missionaries! Elder Strong and Sister Diethelm join us :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!
Sister Madsen

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