Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 30

I know I say this every week but this time I mean it!
This week was.....CARAZY! 

Playing volleyball at the church!!! Intense!
The elders wrote me a poem about cats and performed it! haha!!
Holy cow I haven't been so exhausted in a long time (probably since my first week in Germany)! I felt like Sister Miller and I were running all around. We were so busy! We had two street displays. One in Feucht and one in Altdorf. They aren't the most hopping towns so they were both a little slow. 

We went to the zoo for pday!!
This pic is for Mack and Henry! "That polar bear must be hot!".....
We also had a new family move into our ward. So throughout the week we helped paint and clean and then on saturday had the move. They live on the top floor and of course the elevator broke! Luckily there were a bunch of ward members there to help and our elders are beasts and just ran up and down those stairs. I was pretty pooped afterwards.....haha!
I'm pretty weak! haha! 

The gang!
Zoo crew
We also had transfer calls this past saturday which was insane!! So many missionaries are being shuffled around! Sister Miller is being transferred to Dortmund! My golden area! I have just been trying to tell her everything about it! I know she will love it. She is going to be companions with one of her former companions. And Sister Diethelm is coming down to Feucht to be my companion! She is also the new Sister Training Leader! I am so excited to serve with Sister DIethelm! We have been on so many splits together and we know each other pretty well! She is from switzerland and is a native german speaker! I am totally going to take advantage of that! haha! Hopefully my german will improve!

The surprise of the day!!! These were so cute!!!!
This next transfer is only going to be 5 it will probably fly by! Ahhhhhh! I am looking forward to a new start and I am so grateful I get to stay in Feucht! This ward is so amazing and the people here are so kind! 

Artistic whale photo.....
We love the zoo!
A Happy Birthday to my mom on April 3rd! I wish I could be there to celebrate with her so you all will have to party it up with her......make sure there's food and glitter........I am so grateful my mom was birthed!! She is such a great example to me!! I am so blessed to call her my mom. And let's face it....she's cooler than me! That's fine! Some day I'll be as cool as she is!

Just doing some chemistry experiments!
So tired this week!!!!
Love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! Thinking of you!
Sister Madsen

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