Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 28

First off, THANK YOU so much for all the birthday wishes!!! It was so great to hear from you all! I am so grateful for all the LOVE!!!!
You all are so great! 

This week has flown by pretty fast and I'm actually ok with that.....

First day with no tights!!! HOLLAH!!!
I was on a split last week with Sister Fuller in Coburg. I seriously love Sister Fuller!!!! She is so hilarious and it was just fun to be around her.
Definitely needed!

Split pic with Sister Fuller!
We also had a good lesson with one of our investigators, Dana. She is persian and doesn't know German too well so communication is a little difficult. But one thing really stood out to me as we taught her about baptism and the sacrament. She kept referring to the sacrament as "Taufe" which means baptism. She kept saying that we get baptized every week when we take the sacrament. We tried to expalin it a little more clearly with simpler german but I though that was a really interesting way of looking at the sacrament. Do I think of the sacrament as another baptism for me? How cool to think that every week we can be "washed clean" and start over. I am so grateful for Dana and what she taught me that evening. 

Massive amounts of chocolate and haribo that I am sending home......maybe my family will share haha!!!!
I can't really remember what happened on the other days but my birthday will require an extensive explanation so sorry that will be the majority of this email......

This is my "It's my birthday" pose.....
Friday was my birthday! Hollah! We woke up and the phone calls began. The Feucht elders called us 2 min before our alarm went off and sang Happy Birthday to me. Sister Miller and I were kind of cranky slash half asleep haha! Elder Weidmann (my district leader from Dortmund) called me! His english is so much better and my german has improvd so it was actually the most productive phone call we have had together haha! Sister Miller made me crepes for breakfast....of course with nutella! Then we went to meet a member who actually lives in Nurnberg. She was an hour late so we sat in a field and did language study. It was an absolutely beautiful day!
Yay for nice weather on your birthday!

Language study in a field.
We had a nice little brunch with this member! She is seriously so nice! Then Sister Miller said we needed to be at hauptbahnhof by 2. I had no idea why but I never ask questions haha! On the bahn ride there I got a phone call from Mimi, who was the mini missionary that served with me for a week in Dortmund. She drove all the way down from Darmstadt to Nurnberg to surpirse me for my birthday!!!

Mimi and Luka!
The cake mimi made me
Her and her boyfriend Luka were a little late so all we could do was eat cake in the car as we drove to Neumarkt because we had to meet the Elders there. We all went with the elders to a park to chalk the plan of salvation. We ended up teaching this huge group of young muslim kids. They were actually pretty rude but it was quite a sight to see.

Birthday brunch!!!
Later Sister Miller and I made our way home to our apartment. As we walked up the stairs I saw that someone had heart attacked our door for my birthday. It was from the Feucht Elders. So sweet. The hearts even had gliter on them! And our neighbor had seen that it was my birthday and left a box of chocolates for me!

The elders heart attacked our door for my B-Day!!!!
Overall, it was a pretty good day! I was very tired by the end of it but I will never forget my birthday on my mission!

This leather jacket was on the "please take" table in our ward building
...totally took it!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!!! Love you!
-Sister Madsen

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