Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 27

Yep I'm just gonna say it.............It's my BIRTHDAY on friday!!!! Wooooooooooo! It's crazy how the smallest things get you pumped on your mission! This past week has kind of been like when I got my mission call. "Oh, you want to make an appt for next thursday?...oh, that's the day before my birthday." haha or like, "Can we come back on friday?.....that's my birthday." haha! So special......I just love birthdays!

The view of Nurnberg.
This past week has been pretty crazy! I feel like I was all over the zone. We had zone training which means in order for the Sister Training Leaders to plan we had splits! Woooo! I LOVE splits! I was in Feucht and then Nürnberg and then Coburg (a two hour train ride away) and then back to Nürnberg and then finally home to Feucht. I was on a split first with Sister Hansen! She is awesome and we had a lot of fun together!!! And then I was with Sister Diethelm!! I love Sister Diethelm! She is like my second comp because we are always on splits with each other. That's fine!!

On my split with Sister Hansen.....yep Eis is sooooo good!
While we were on our split we ran in to two girls. Some background: about a month ago Sister Miller and I sat across from these two girls on a bahn. They were so giggly and happy. We literally didn't say anything but we were just super smiley to each other. As they got off the girl said "you see everyone at least twice in your life." So then this last week Sister Hansen and I were walking down this street and I saw these two girls. They started laughing so hard and they were shocked that we actually saw each other again. We ended up talking for about an hour, gave them a Book of Mormon, and exchanged numbers. They are seriously so nice!
It is crazy that we saw them again! Love it!

At the castle in Nurnberg!
To be honest....I don't really remember too much of the week...haha! We went and saw a castle last p-day with some other missionaries.

The group at the castle!
I've discovered German Eis (ice cream) and have developed a perfectly normal obsession. I am not wearing a coat today because it is 16 degrees Celsius today! Yay for the sun!

Bruder Bopp made us lunch after church on Sunday and we ate outside!
It is absolutely beautiful weather right now! 
We went on a heart attacking rampage and I would be completely fine if I never cut out a heart again haha!

Heart attacking everyone and their dog! My hair looks a little haggard......
Oh and I forgot! Sister Hansen and I did a 3 hour shift at a street display in Nürnberg. It was seriously so great! They just had a table with Book of Mormons in all sorts of languages. Sister Hansen and I gave out like 20 BoMs. I love street displays because you get the opportunity to bear your testimony but you have to make it pretty short and concise!

At the street display in Nurnberg.
I love the Book of Mormon!! And people can tell that it comes from God just by reading a few verses. I know that it is the word of God. It truly testifies of Christ. We can come closer to God by reading and studying it! How blessed we are to have this book and to know that God still speak to us today!
God loves us!

I love the Book of Mormon!!!!!!
Overall it's been a great week!
I'm going to enjoy my last week of being 21!!! Gross! 
I hope you all have a SUPER week! Happy Pi Day! Eat pie in my behalf!

Love you!
Sister Madsen

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