Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 41

Last P-day all the sisters bought Dirndls.
I already have one but of course I had to try the cheetah dirndl on!!!
What a week it has been! Change is in the air. And now what you all have been waiting for....Transfer results!!! I have been transferred to the far and foreign city of Nürnberg!!!! haha! it is literally 10 minutes away from Feucht but I am so excited!!! 

We listened to transfer calls in our Dirndls!
I was way stressed! But who would have thought Sister Hansen would be my new comp!
My new companion is Sister Hansen! and we already know each other because we went on a bunch of splits! She is awesome and actually finishes her mission in 6 weeks! So we only get to be together for 1 transfer.
But hey....I'll take it!

Sister Hansen!!!!!
Other transfer news:
Sister Diethelm is training in Feucht!
Sister Fowlke and Elder Seamons have both been transferred to Bonn.
Sister Fuller is still in Coburg (her 8th transfer there)
There are 22 new missionaries coming this week!

Exciting stuff!

My last sport Abend!! Tschüss Sebastian!!!
Tschüss Thomas!
After transfer calls on Saturday we had a ward party at a members home. We had a bonfire and grilling and a hayride and a wheelbarrow race and volleyball. It was so much fun. 

Ward Activity!!!
Wheelbarrow Race
I will never forget Nathali!
We love Nani!!!
Plus Bishop just sat by the fire and played the guitar. I totally sang along. Maybe not missionary appropriate songs oops! But Bishop and I were totally rockin out! He is so cool! 

Bishop Grunder and his guitar.
Bishop Grunder and his wife! Love them!!!
It was my lats Sunday in Feucht. It is always really hard to say goodbye but I know I will be able to see a lot of these members again on splits or stake meetings. I really loved serving in Feucht. The ward feels like my family! But president comes home in 2 weeks and I won't be there. Hallelujah!
My last Sunday!:

Lovely Fenja!!!
The Grassers!
Bruder Bopp! We may or may not have sung a duet together last Sunday.
Special times
But I have only a few more days here. I will be saying goodbye to members and packing (oh joy). I am so excited for a new city. I feel really good about the change! Change is good. Sometimes hard but good.

We also went to a Botanical garden in Erlangen for pday.
I read a talk this last week from the last Priesthood session by Elder Hallstrom. i love what he says about change. "The invitation to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him both requires and expects change. Mercifully He has not left us alone. 'And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness....Then will I make weak things become strong.' Relying upon the Savior's Atonement, we can change." 

It was way too hot to be outside but good thing I had my fan!
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!!!
Sister Madsen

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