Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 40

I am currently sitting in the internet cafe and it is sooooooooooo hot. I think today it is 40 degrees celsius which comes to about 104 not ok. There is definitely a reason I was not sent to Africa on my mission. Plus it is way humid here....oh boy.....sweat! Tmi....

I am maybe 65 years old and bought a fan to use.
I may or may not be using it right now......
It is so hot!
Anyways.....last Wednesday I spent my 9 month mark in Frankfurt. Sister Diethlem had MLC and she needed a companion to travel with here. We left at 7:30 and made the 3 hour journey to Offenbach. Then I met up with Sister Wood and Sister Clendon and we went to one of their appointments in Frankfurt. The lady was way nice but she fed us way too much cake. I look forward to the day when I am not forced to eat food I don't want to. #missionaryproblems Then they had an appt pretty far away so they had to drop me back off at MLC. MLC crasher! Woohoo!

Sister Hamner!
Sister Miller!
But it was so fun because I got to see Sister Hamner for the first time since January and Sister Miller for the first time since she left Feucht and Elder Schmidt for the first time since he left Dortmund! We didn't get back to Feucht until about 10pm. It was kind of a long day!

Elder Schmidt!
This week we also did a lot of garden work. One of the members made us lunch solely from the plants in her yard. yum....and as we were walking through her yard she picked off a flower and told us to eat it. Tasted like dirt.....haha But I am learning a lot about plants which is kind of fun!

We alos met our new senior couple this week, Sister Dixon and Elder Grafstand. They have been on their mission for 1 month and they serve in a military ward in Ansbach! We love them! They are so nice and took us out to lunch after they did our apartment check.

Street Display in Erlangen!
We also helped with a street display in Erlangen! It was way hot that day and there were a lot of drunk people in dirndls and lederhosen. But it is always fun to street displays! And we brought Lara along!! Afterwards we went to a baptism in Nurnberg. The Regensburg branch now has a new member yay! I love baptisms! I love how this gospel is all about changing and becoming better and that we always have the opportunity to turn to Christ. After the baptism I wanted to get a picture with him because we are basically homies and he tried to kiss me. Say what?! Nothing like a little action on your mission. It was pretty funny and our zone leaders got a good laugh from it. Good times....

More Street Display...
This week is finding week for our mission. Sister Diethelm and I made a deal with our ward council that we will talk with 50 people every day and they will invite more of their friends to our ward activity next week. We are discovering that it's actually pretty hard to talk to 50 people each day....especially in Feucht. But we are up to the challenge!

All the ladies in Erlangen
Saturday we have transfer calls! Crazy! I guess we'll see where the wind blows me! I love it here in Feucht. I love the ward members.
I love my companion! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!! 

Sister Madsen

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