Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 14

Guten Tag!

I seriously love christmas! I bought some chrsitmas lights for our apt so it could feel a little more homey for christmas. Each night while we wirte in our journals we turn off the lights and just turn on the christmas lights. The only problem is that I only found lights that our in a circle so our lights on our wall are in the shape of a mustache. So special..... Sister Kearl and I also bought matching pjs for christmas time. They're so fluffy and warm and we can barely sleep through the night with them on because we get so hot. 
Still a good purchase.....

Our mustache lights in our study room...
This week we had a meeting in Offenbach which is pretty close to Frankfurt. It took about 3.5 hours to get there by train. It was a meeting for all the goldens and their trainers. I was excited to go because I got to see all my old MTC friends. It was cool to see how they are all doing in their areas and to hear stories. When I saw Sister Hamner she just started crying. I seriously love her! The meeting lasted all day. I was called on to give 2 prayers and to bear my testimony. President Scwartz told me I was a popular choice today. I was thinking that maybe they think I need the practice haha! 

I learned a lot at the meeting. I think the biggest impression I got that day was that is ok to still be myself and to be a missionary. And seeing all the other golden's with their companions made me really appreciate my companion. Not many people stayed with their companions throughout the day but Sister Kearl and I just kind of hung out together. haha! 
We love each other :)

Christmas decorations at the Frankfurt train station.
I have also discovered that my eyelashes are a good contacting startegy. Elder Weidmann always makes fun of me that I just need to bat my eyelashes when I apporach people and they'll join the church. We always just joke about it. Then one day Sister Kearl and I were on a bahn and somelady was staring at me and she asked me if my eyelashes were real. We started talking and eventually started talking about religion. Who would've thought that these bad boys could be useful for missionary work haha! Sister Kearl thinks it's funny because literally everyday a conversation is started with someone because of my eyelashes. And we don't even apporach the people. They start the conversation for us. Thank you eyelashes!!

The long journey home on the train after our Golden trainer meeting.
This week was also Nikolaus. It's a holiday where people give small gifts to each other. We were visitng a member and she gave us both huge presents filled with chocolate and jewelry. We didn't even know it was a holiday and so we were so surprised. It was nice of her! The members here are so nice. We have our ward christmas fireside and activity this saturday. Sister Kearl is playing the violin. So pumped. I love christmas!

Sister Kearl and I eating crepes for dinner.....this is a regular occurrence.
I may or may not have had a mental breakdown this past week. Oh boy.....haha! One morning Sister Kearl and I were having companionship study and I just started crying.....for like 2 hours haha! Sister Kearl was so patient with me and just talked me through it. I am doing a lot better now. I think every golden goes through this where they don't feel like they're contributing to the work. It was a special time. Missioinary work is hard! You all should just go up to the missionaries in your ward and give them a hug, and tell them they're great, and feed them chocolate. 
I don't know anything hahaha!

Here's the package I sent to you about 2 hours ago. I hope it makes it to you safely!
Although I may have had a breakdown I realized something. This may be the hardest thing I have ever done but I am so happy. It's really weird. It's a different type of happiness I´don't experience very often. It's good to now that I can be happy even when I'm not comfortable. This gospel can bring so much happiness to our lives. And it's the kind of happiness that is long lasting and isn't determined by our situation.

I hope all is well! I love the weeks leading up to Christmas! Take time this week to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!
I love you all and miss you dearly.

Until next week :)
Sister Madsen

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